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Cool stuff coming soon!
Hey guys! It's time for another post. A short one, but the most important this year: December I'm going to start working full time on the game! I'm so excited t...
Development news
Hey folks! Here I am again! I'm still developing Mahou Go on free times. Well, this doesn't give me much to work on the game. but things are moving on. Dialogue...
Quick update
Hey guys! It's time to share some project updates! But firstly, I want to say "thank you" for everyone who keeps watching this project. You're amazing! Since la...
Mahou Go news
Hey! Long time (again) without posting here! How are you, guys? Even without posting so much devlogs, things are going well here. I used to post it more on Tumb...
After some time...
Since the beginning of the year, I’ve suffering with some health problems due to my excessive work. I had lost the purpose to work on Mahou Go, and the demo w...
Mahou Go - the first demo is available!
Yo! This is the first devlog post right here on So, let's begin with the basics! My name's Raniery, also know as @yoraanny on social media, and Mahou G...
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